How to distinguish the quality of alkaline zinc plating brightener?

How to distinguish the quality of alkaline zinc plating brightener?

Thu Mar 30 17:48:26 CST 2023

According to customer feedback, there are many types of alkaline zinc plating brightener on the market today, with a mixture of good and bad. How can we distinguish the quality of brighteners?

Based on on-site experience and analysis of the characteristics of the product alkaline zinc plating brightener BZ-515, Bigley Technology can distinguish from the following seven points:

1. Look at the appearance. Good quality brighteners should be colorless and transparent or light yellow transparent, without layering, sediment and suspended solids, and have a uniform color.

2. The current range is wide. Use a 250ml Hull cell for the lamination test. The current range distribution is 0.5A, 1A, and 2A, and the lamination time distribution is 10min and 5min. The entire surface of the test piece is uniform and bright, without burning or missing plating.

3. The plating layer has low brittleness and good adhesion. Good quality brightener with a thickness of 20 μ When the thickness is above m, conduct a random bending test to ensure that the coating does not burst; After 200 hours of baking test on the workpiece, there was no blistering on the coating.

4. Excellent dispersion and deep plating capabilities. For workpieces with complex shapes, the thickness uniformity of the plating layer in the high and low areas is good, and a bright zinc coating can be plated on the low recesses and hole positions.

5. Good temperature resistance. The brightener can still produce a uniform and bright zinc coating at 30-35 ℃, indicating that the brightener has good temperature resistance.

6. Low consumption can reduce production costs. Generally, high-quality brighteners have stable performance, fewer decomposition products, and low consumption, which can effectively reduce production costs.

7. Fast light output speed can improve production efficiency. Due to its high purity, current efficiency of up to 85%, and deposition speed of over 40% faster than traditional processes, this brightener can effectively improve production efficiency.

Now, you know how to distinguish the quality of alkaline zinc plating brighteners. Bigley's alkaline zinc plating brightener BZ-515 is worth purchasing! If you are interested in this alkaline zinc plating brightener, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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