How to deal with the instability of electroless nickel plating solution?

How to deal with the instability of electroless nickel plating solution?

Wed Mar 27 08:16:03 CST 2024

If the electroless nickel plating solution is unstable, it often causes problems such as poor coating quality and decreased corrosion resistance, so we need to strictly control the stability of the plating solution, then what are the reasons for the poor stability of the plating solution?

1. Imbalance of bath components:

The incorrect concentration of certain chemicals in the composition, such as reducing agents, metal salts, stabilizers, pH regulators or buffers, may cause instability in the liquid.

The reducing agent cannot react in equilibrium with the metal ions in the bath, which may cause the deposition rate not to meet the expectation.

The fast consumption of stabilizer can not effectively control the activity of metal ions, and then cause the instability of electroless nickel plating solution.

2. Plating solution pollution:

Impurities that are not intended to be added to the plating solution (such as grease, dust, metal particles, etc.) can interfere with the chemical reaction and lead to defects in the coating.

Foreign contaminants brought into the plating parts may also destroy the stability of the plating solution.

3. Improper operating conditions:

An inappropriate pH can lead to a number of problems, such as the precipitation of metal ions during deposition or an imbalance of chemical reactions in the solution.

Too high or too low temperature will affect the electroless plating reaction rate, which may lead to uneven or too fast deposition and produce bubbles.

Uneven mixing can lead to excessive local deposition or uneven coating.

4. Plating process is not proper:

Insufficient pretreatment before electroless plating, such as cleaning, activation and other steps are not complete, will lead to poor coating adhesion and plating solution pollution.

Incorrect preparation or maintenance of the bath, such as the amount of additives, the time of delivery, and the filtration system is not operated as required, can also affect the stability of the liquid.

5. Plating solution aging:

After a period of use, the plating solution may lose its original stability and chemical activity due to the gradual consumption and decomposition of various chemical substances.

The organic additives in the bath may break down or be contaminated by microorganisms, which can also affect the performance of the bath.

The imbalance of the composition of the plating solution is often caused by the unreasonable proportion of the electroless nickel plating solution, the reason for this is that many electroplating factories use their own preparation of electroless nickel plating solution, then we can use Bigely electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809, it is concentrated liquid, developed by Bigelay technical engineers, according to the formula strictly control the concentration of various chemicals, 10 cycles are used in production, there is no solution decomposition, and the plating speed will not decrease.

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