How to deal with rough surface of electroplated zinc parts?

How to deal with rough surface of electroplated zinc parts?

Thu Jan 25 10:24:17 CST 2024

Surface roughness of electroplated zinc parts may be caused by improper process conditions, abnormal composition of plating solution, and insufficient pretreatment of workpiece surface. The following measures can be taken to deal with the surface roughness of electroplated zinc parts:

1. Optimise plating parameters: Adjust the pH, temperature and current density of the plating solution to ensure that the plating process is carried out under suitable conditions, which can reduce surface roughness.

2. Improve the quality of plating solution: Filter the plating solution regularly to remove suspended matters and impurities, keep the composition and concentration of plating solution stable, and use additives to improve the quality of plating layer.

3. Improvement of pre-treatment process: Ensure that the workpieces undergo adequate cleaning, degreasing, pickling, etc. to remove grease, rust and other contaminants from the surface before galvanising.

4. Polishing treatment: Mechanical polishing or chemical polishing of zinc parts after plating is completed to improve the surface smoothness.

5. Re-plating: If the quality of the plating is not up to standard, the original plating can be removed and re-plated.

6. Use of Bigelow's galvanic additives: Galvanic additives are added to the plating solution to improve the appearance and smoothness of the coating.zinc-plating additives

When using zinc-plating additive, before dealing with surface roughness on electro-galvanised parts, it is zui good to identify the specific cause of the roughness so that appropriate measures can be targeted. If a specific surface quality is required during the production process, it is recommended to set up appropriate quality check criteria before and after galvanising to enable early detection and immediate treatment of problems. If you are not sure about the treatment method, you can consult Bigely Technology's engineers.