How to deal with impurities in tin plating solution?

How to deal with impurities in tin plating solution?

Mon Apr 15 08:24:15 CST 2024

The treatment of impurities in tin plating solution is an important step to ensure the quality and consistency of the coating. The following are some common methods for dealing with impurities in tin plating solution:

1. Filtration: The use of mechanical filters or filtration membranes can remove suspended solids and some macromolecular organic impurities in the solution.

2. Anode plate package: If the anode encounters dissolution problems, the anode plate package can be used to reduce the anode mud into the plating solution. Anode plate pack is a material that physically restricts the diffusion of anode mud into solution.

3. Chemical precipitation: by adding a chemical reaction to produce a precipitate, the dissolved metal impurities such as copper, iron, etc. are converted into insoluble substances, and then removed by filtration.

4. Ion exchange: The use of ion exchange resin can effectively remove metal ion impurities in electroplating tin solution . This method can be used for continuous or periodic treatment of electroplating solution.

5. Electrolytic purification: In the case of not involving the normal plating process, through the electroplating tank, the impurity metal in the plating solution can be selectively electrodeposited, so as to purify the plating solution.

6. Add complexing agents: Specific chemicals can react with metal ions to form complexes, which can reduce the effect of certain impurity metal ions or prevent them from depositing on the substrate.

7. Continuous stirring and circulation: Through continuous stirring and circulation of the solution, to ensure that the ingredients in the solution are evenly distributed, and to help disperse small particles, avoid the deposition and accumulation of impurities.

8. Replace depleted tin plating brightener: Some tin plating brightener agents may decompose and produce organic impurities, requiring regular inspection and replacement to maintain the performance of the bath.

9. Keep the equipment and tank clean: clean the plating tank and equipment regularly to prevent the accumulation of impurities at the source.

10. Perform regular solution maintenance: periodically test and adjust the chemical composition of the bath, including pH value, tin concentration, organic additive concentration, etc.

11. The use of appropriate tin plating brightener: Bigely tin plating brightener has fewer organic decompositions, which can prolong the cycle of accumulation of organic impurities and significantly reduce the concentration of impurities in the tin plating solution, thus improving the quality and performance of the plated layer.

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