How to choose the right colorful galvanized passivation solution?

How to choose the right colorful galvanized passivation solution?

Mon Mar 11 08:18:26 CST 2024

Electro-galvanizing is a commonly used anti-corrosion treatment process that protects the substrate from corrosion by depositing a zinc layer uniformly on the metal surface through electrolysis. In order to further improve the corrosion resistance and appearance quality of the galvanized layer, a passivation treatment is usually applied after electro-galvanizing. An important category of passivation is the colorful galvanizing passivate, which provides additional protection to the coating while giving the metal surface a variety of colors that are aesthetically pleasing and practical.

The main function of colorful galvanizing passivation is to form a passivation film on the surface of the zinc layer. This film is usually generated by the reaction of metallic zinc with the main chemical components in the passivation solution, such as chromates, phosphates, silicates, etc., as well as additives, to form a composite metal oxide layer that provides a physical barrier and chemical stabilization to resist the attack of various corrosive media.

The passivation process is generally divided into the following steps:

1. Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the galvanized surface before passivation to remove oil, dirt and surface oxides and to ensure that the passivation solution is in full contact with the zinc layer.

2. Passivation: Cleaned galvanized parts are immersed in colorful galvanizing passivation Liquid, where the chemical components in the liquid react with the zinc layer to form a passivation film.

3. Water Rinse: Immediately after treatment, parts need to be rinsed in water to remove residual passivate.

4. Drying: Blow dry with compressed air or dry naturally to ensure that the passivation film is dry and fixed.

The use of traditional hexavalent colorful zinc passivates is limited by environmental requirements. As a result, many electroplating plants are choosing to use Bigely colorful zinc passivator, which is a trivalent chromium colored zinc passivation process, but offers the same excellent corrosion protection and also meets environmental requirements.

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