How to choose a reliable electroless nickel plating additive?

How to choose a reliable electroless nickel plating additive?

Sat Feb 11 09:20:43 CST 2023

    Many customers have reported that in the face of the current market of electroplating additives with uneven prices, how should we choose a more reliable electroless nickel plating additive?

    Mr. Liu from Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, is the owner of an electroplating factory specializing in the processing and production of electroless nickel plating.Due to the unstable coating quality, poor weldability and difficult to control the plating solution of the electroless nickel plating additive used by Mr. Liu, the production efficiency is low and the production cost is high.

    By chance, Mr. Liu tried the electroless nickel plating additive Ni-809 of Bigolly.Due to the special attention of Bigley in the selection of raw materials, it is prepared with the raw materials of BASF and Dow Chemical of the United States, which can effectively inhibit the reaction of by-products in the production process, ensure good stability of the plating solution, low impurities, and greatly reduce the defective rate of products.

    In addition, because this electroless nickel plating additive Ni-809 is produced from imported raw materials, with high purity and few decomposition products in the process of use, the plating solution can remain clear for a long time, and the service life of the plating solution has been more than doubled. Now it can be used for 12 to 14 cycles.The amount of additives has also been saved a lot. In the past, 4 barrels of additives need to be added a day for normal production, but now less than 3 barrels are needed.With only one month of use, Mr. Liu saved more than 20000 production costs.

    Therefore, when we choose electroless nickel plating additives, we should choose electroless nickel plating additives with high purity, low consumption and long service life, such as Bigolly's Ni-809, to effectively save production costs and be more reliable!If you are interested in such an electroless nickel plating additive, please contact Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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