How to avoid corrosion in blind holes? To first master the maintenance of the barrel nickel plating process

How to avoid corrosion in blind holes? To first master the maintenance of the barrel nickel plating process

Sat Dec 23 08:49:30 CST 2023

How can we maintain good process conditions to avoid failures such as blind hole corrosion when using barrel nickel plating brighteners?

In the production of barrel nickel plating process, the acidity and temperature of the plating solution should be controlled within the prescribed range. Due to the acidity of the nickel plating solution, the cathodic hydrogen precipitation during plating is intense, so after plating, generally speaking, the pH value will increase, at this time we need to adjust the pH value (using dilute sulfuric acid solution).

Bigely barrel nickel plating brightener Ni-117

We recommend that the pH value of the plating solution be adjusted before the workpiece is placed in the plating bath, and that it be stirred sufficiently so that the pH of the plating solution can be uniform. If this is not done, then it will cause the solution to be locally too acidic, which will cause corrosion to the workpiece substrate.

What will happen if the pH is adjusted during the plating process? Operating in this way, it is easy to form a strong acidic environment locally in the plating solution, some blind holes in the hole of the workpiece caused by corrosion. Why? Remember what we mentioned in the previous article? Blind holes in workpieces are prone to residual plating solution.

In the production process of using barrel nickel plating brightener, if air stirring is used, when there are more suspended impurities in the plating solution, this will cause solid impurities in the plating solution to be entrapped in the plating layer or form burrs on the surface of the plating layer.

Therefore, when a customer uses Bigely barrel nickel plating brightener Ni-117, we do not recommend that he uses air agitation, but relies on the circulation and filtration system of the plating bath and the rotation of the drum to agitate the bath and reduce the concentration polarization. Ni-117 is suitable for barrel nickel plating of complex workpieces, and even in low current density areas, it can also obtain a bright and full coating.

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