How to avoid buying colloidal palladium activators with false palladium content when purchasing palladium activators?

How to avoid buying colloidal palladium activators with false palladium content when purchasing palladium activators?

Fri Jun 30 10:16:08 CST 2023

We all know that the key drawback of plastic electroplating and various non-metallic electroplating is the activation of colloidal palladium. Therefore, choosing a suitable colloidal palladium activator can not only ensure the adhesion between the coating and the substrate, but also ensure the quality of the coating. But there are a wide variety of palladium activators on the market, how can you choose to avoid buying colloidal palladium activators with false palladium content?

Bigley Technology conducted an analysis based on on-site experience and the characteristics of the product colloidal palladium activator PL-5. Some suppliers on the market are not manufacturers, and in order to seek profits, they use water or doping methods to reduce the product concentration of palladium activators, falsely mark the palladium content, and then attract customers to purchase at relatively affordable prices. Little did they know that such colloidal palladium activators are prone to defects such as missed plating and poor adhesion due to their low concentration, poor activity, and large dosage.

Bigley Technology has developed colloid palladium activator PL-5 with high activity liquid catalyst by adopting original new technology and Swiss high-purity Palladium(II) chloride as raw material. This colloidal palladium activator has high stability and good operability; The characteristics of high concentration, low consumption, and long service life meet customers' durable and low-cost electroplating needs. Bigley adheres to the principle of actual quantity and quantity, ensuring the authenticity of colloidal palladium activators, and is a trustworthy supplier for customers.

Mr. Zheng from Xiamen previously used colloidal palladium activator due to its high dosage and low activity, resulting in poor adhesion of the workpiece coating. Later, he dedicated Bigley's colloidal palladium activator, which reduced the monthly product defect rate from 8% to less than 0.5%. This reduced production costs by more than 25% compared to the original, saving about 80000 yuan per month.

If small merchants and vendors rely solely on the advantages of low prices or false labeling of palladium content to receive a lump sum first, then will customers still buy back? So, isn't it more important for customers to proactively come back to you for a colloidal palladium activator with sufficient palladium content and good activity, such as Bigley's PL-5? If you are interested in this colloidal palladium activator, please contact Bigley customer service for sample links and detailed technical information!

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