How to Choose Electrolytic Degreasing Powder?

How to Choose Electrolytic Degreasing Powder?

Fri May 24 08:24:26 CST 2024

Electrolytic degreasing in electroplating production is a pretreatment process that utilizes an electrolytic process to remove grease and organic contaminants from the surface of metal workpieces. Cleaning the metal surface prior to plating is critical, as oil and grease can hinder the uniform deposition of the plating layer and may lead to quality problems such as peeling and flaking of the plating layer. Electrolytic degreasing powder is a chemical agent used in industrial production to remove grease and other impurities from metal surfaces, mainly by electrolysis. The following factors should be considered when selecting a suitable electrode degreasing powder:

1. Metal materials: Different metals have different requirements for degreasing powders. For example, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal surface treatment need to choose suitable for its material Bigely electrolytic degreasing powder, in order to avoid corrosion or damage to the material.

2. Degree of contamination: Select the appropriate degreasing powder according to the degree and type of oil contamination on the metal surface. Heavy oil contamination may require a strong degreasing powder, while light oil contamination can be treated with a mild degreasing powder.

3. Environmental protection requirements: modern industrial production attaches more and more importance to environmental protection and safe production, so try to choose the electrolytic degreasing powder that is easy to biodegrade and has little impact on the environment.

5. Equipment compatibility: Degreasing powders need to be used in specific electrolysis equipment, so choose a product that is compatible with your existing equipment.

6. Economy: Compare the cost-effectiveness of different brands and types of degreasing powders, and consider the economic benefits under the premise of quality assurance.

7. Manufacturers and suppliers: Select electroplating additives suppliers with good reputation, reliable products and good after-sales service.

To summarize, we can use Bigely electrolytic degreasing powder BC-1108 for electrolytic degreasing of alloys, which is mildly formulated and does not contain strong alkaline substances that will damage the material, and the workpieces can maintain their original luster after degreasing, which will help to improve the production efficiency.

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