How should we maintain an automatic line for the alkaline galvanizing process?

How should we maintain an automatic line for the alkaline galvanizing process?

Thu Jan 04 10:56:41 CST 2024

In alkaline galvanizing process, how to carry out routine maintenance and repair of electroplating automatic production line? This is a big question, and involves a lot of small details, today we will inventory.

To answer this question, it can be dissected at three levels: the repair and maintenance of the machine, the repair and maintenance of the running machine, and the repair and maintenance of the swing mechanism.

Repair and maintenance of racks

(1) After the machine has been in production for 1 month, retighten the mounting screws for the rail and the flat wire lifting rail once more.

(2) Clean the surface of stainless steel columns, pedestrian walkway railings, hoardings, and sliding doors every 3 months to ensure a neat appearance of the rack.

Repair and Maintenance of running machine

(1) Every 600~700h check whether the reducer is running normally and whether there is any abnormal noise.

(2) Check and adjust the tightness of the reducer seat every 600~700h.

galvanizing additives

(3) When installing couplings, gears, and pulleys under any circumstances, hammering in is not permitted, why? Because this helps to avoid damage to bearings, housings and shafts.

(4) Check and debug the braking performance of the braking mechanism every 7,000~8,000h.

Usually, new factories have a commissioning period of three to six months, but some electroplating plants have achieved profits in the same month. How do they do it? This requires that in the production line planning and design, we should fully listen to the opinions of potion suppliers and equipment manufacturers, combined with their own characteristics for comprehensive evaluation, to avoid listening to biased belief resulting in design errors.

In the choice of the plating additive supplier, electroplating companies should choose the company that pay attention to details and service. Guangdong Bigely Technology is a plating additive supplier, not only for the customer to improve the appropriate galvanizing additives and other products, but also in the production line planning and design of the customer to give reasonable suggestions to assist customers to improve the efficiency of production.

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