How should the temperature be controlled when using tin plating brightener?

How should the temperature be controlled when using tin plating brightener?

Thu May 30 08:33:33 CST 2024

When a plating plant uses tin plating brightener for production, how does the temperature need to be controlled to get good plating quality?

Normal tin sulfate solution is generally operated at room temperature; if it is a bright tin sulfate solution, then the electroplating plant needs to be strictly controlled temperature operating temperature below 25 ℃, the temperature range to get a good plating layer will be narrower, if it is a hanging plating process, we recommend that the temperature be controlled in the range of 10 ~ 20 ℃.

In the tin plating production , when the temperature of the solution is too low, it will reduce the working current density, the deposition rate slows down, and it is also easy to cause the plating layer burnt and gray fog; when the temperature of the solution is in a higher state, divalent tin is easy to be oxidized into tetravalent tin, resulting in plating layer is easy to rough and other faults.

If the liquid temperature is too high and it exceeds the cloud point of the brightener, the main brightener will precipitate out, causing the plated layer to lose its luster or even no plated layer. At this time, it will accelerate the decomposition of tin-plating brightener, increase the consumption of brightener, and the bright zone of the plated layer will become narrower, as you must have guessed, so that the uniformity of the plated layer will be affected. In serious cases, the plating layer will appear darkened and flowery, affecting the surface quality and solderability of the tin-plated layer.

Since temperature is so important, what temperature should we control when using Bigely tin brightener Sn-807? We recommend 20-30°C for rack plating and 25°C for barrel plating.

Sn-807 is capable of obtaining uniform and bright pure tin plating in a wide temperature range; this means that plating factories are able to improve the quality of their tin-plated products, increase the competitiveness of their enterprises, and can make higher-order plating products and obtain more orders.

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