How much does an alloy catalyst cost to invest?

How much does an alloy catalyst cost to invest?

Thu Apr 06 18:33:47 CST 2023

Alloy catalyst, also known as electroless nickel plating additives, is an environmentally friendly technology that replaces traditional electroplating. By soaking, a uniform layer of nickel phosphorus alloy coating can be deposited on the surface of iron, steel, zinc alloy, and copper alloy. Many customers want to know how much investment is required for the production of alloy catalysts?

Based on on-site experience and the characteristics of the product alloy catalyst Ni-809, Bigley Technology conducted an analysis. This electroplating production process is different from ordinary production processes, but the following five aspects need to be considered when investing:

1. Design, depreciation, and maintenance of equipment. The design and construction of production lines, as well as the matching of equipment and processes, will directly affect the investment, maintenance, production capacity, and operating costs of equipment. Due to the special nature of electroplating production environment, the depreciation period of electroplating equipment is calculated as 3 years, and the annual maintenance and upkeep cost of electroplating equipment is calculated as 20% of the equipment cost. In actual operation, data statistics and processing are conducted based on the actual situation of the enterprise to determine the equipment investment amount. On this basis, the depreciation and upkeep costs of fixed assets also need to be calculated.

2. The cost of water. The cost of water mainly includes the cost of tap water, the cost of pure water, and the treatment of wastewater.

3. The cost of electricity. In actual production, we should divide the cost of electricity into two parts: the cost of production electricity, such as the cost of electricity for electrical equipment such as cranes, heating systems, filtration systems, and ovens; The cost of non productive electricity refers to the cost of electricity used for office equipment and lighting.

4. The cost of chemical materials. The cost of chemical materials used in the production line, including the cost of materials required for processes such as oil removal, activation, and chemical nickel plating during slotting and subsequent maintenance. Here, it is recommended that customers purchase alloy catalytic solutions with high purity and concentration, such as the Ni-809 from Bigely. The plating solution has high chemical stability, low workpiece failure rate, long service life of the plating solution, and low dosage of liquid medicine, which can effectively save production costs.

5. Employee salaries. The salary of ordinary employees is calculated according to the personnel in the personnel organizational chart, including all employees of the electroplating enterprise. Therefore, we should make a unified calculation when calculating the salary cost of employees.

So, we can calculate how much investment is required for the alloy catalysts by calculating the cost from these five aspects. Guangdong Bigley Technology's alloy catalyst Ni-809 has high concentration, low dosage, high stability, long service life, and reduced failure rate, which can effectively save production costs. If you are interested in this alloy catalytic liquid, you can contact Bigley customer service to obtain free samples and detailed technical information!