How does tin plating brightener affect the weldability of the coating?

How does tin plating brightener affect the weldability of the coating?

Tue Apr 23 08:05:14 CST 2024

Tin plating brightener is a chemical substance added to the tin plating solution to improve the appearance and quality of the coating. Its influence on the weldability of tinplating layer is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Improve the smoothness of the coating surface: tin plating brightener can reduce the roughness of the coating surface and make the surface smoother, which helps the flow and wetting of the solder, so as to improve the welding performance of the coating.

2. Reduce surface defects: tin plating brightener can help reduce pores, pits, cracks and other defects that may occur in the coating, which are generally not conducive to welding, and can improve the welding effect after reduction.

3. Affect the coating structure: tin plating brightener may affect the size and distribution of tin grains, and a smaller and uniform grain structure is usually conducive to improving the metal fluidity and bonding performance during welding.

4. Effect on the oxidation resistance of the coating: some tin plating brighteners may make the coating more resistant to oxidation and enhance the wettability of the coating during the welding process, but on the other hand, some brightener residues may also form an insulating layer, reducing the oxidation resistance and welding effect.

5. Difficulty in removing residues: the tin plating layer containing brightener may have more organic residues, which may be difficult to remove during the welding process, thereby reducing the solderability of the coating. Therefore, it is important to choose a brightener that can be easily removed during subsequent cleaning.

In short, tin plating brightener has an important impact on the solderability of the coating, and Bigely's tin plating brightener should be carefully selected according to the application requirements of tin plating and subsequent processing technology to ensure that the tin coating has good solderability and other required properties. In practical applications, experimental tests are often needed to determine the effect of tin plating brightener on the weldability of specific products to ensure the quality of the coating and welding process.

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