High sulfur nickel additives

High sulfur nickel additives

Wed Jun 12 09:09:22 CST 2024

By using high sulfur nickel additives, we can obtain a very thin nickel rinse layer between the bright nickel layer and the semi-bright nickel layer, which is much more active than the other two layers. The potential difference between the high sulfur nickel layer and the bright nickel layer can be increased by at least 20mv, which improves the corrosion protection of the nickel layer. When we plated high sulfur nickel in the plating layer, but the potential difference of the nickel layer did not improve what to do?

Bigely Technology has analyzed according to the field experience and the characteristics of the product, mainly for the following 3 reasons.

1, high sulfur nickel plating solution pH value is too low. Plating quality and pH value has a greater relationship, pH value is too low will affect the effect of potential difference, but also affect the corrosion resistance of the plating. Production should control the pH value of the plating solution in the process range.

2, the sulfur content of the plating layer is too low. Under normal circumstances, the sulfur content of high sulfur nickel layer should be controlled at 0.15 ~ 0.2%, can control the potential difference of multi-layer nickel. When the sulfur content is too low, it can not improve the potential difference of the plating layer, so the production should control the sulfur content of the plating layer.

3. Poor quality of high sulfur nickel additives. The quality of some additives on the market is poor, and the potential difference of the plated layer will gradually decrease in the production process. Recommend the use of Bigely Ni-320 high sulfur nickel additives, with good chemical stability, can stabilize the plating potential difference does not fall, to maintain the bright nickel layer and semi-bright nickel layer potential difference of 160 ~ 180mv.

Therefore, choosing a good-quality high sulfur nickel additive and controlling the pH value of the plating solution and the sulfur content of the plated layer can stabilize and control the potential difference and corrosion resistance of the plated layer. If you are interested in high sulfur nickel additives, please contact Bigely customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!