Four reasons for the reaction suspension of electroless nickel plating solution and PH value is one of them

Four reasons for the reaction suspension of electroless nickel plating solution and PH value is one of them

Thu Dec 14 10:01:41 CST 2023

If you are still suffering from the instability of electroless nickel plating solution, then this article you have to read. This time we'll analyze four reasons why reactions suspension when using electroless nickel plating solutions, and help you about how to troubleshoot the causes, and also talk about why it's so important to use commercial concentrates.

Abnormalities in PH values

During the application of electroless nickel plating solution, when the pH is low, it reduces the oxidation reaction of hypophosphite and produces less atomic hydrogen, which in turn leads to two consequences: reduction of the deposition rate and thin deposited plating layer. When the pH value is less than 3, the oxidation of hypophosphate cannot be carried out, and atomic hydrogen cannot be provided, which terminates the nickel deposition reaction.

How to troubleshoot the cause?

A plating plant has encountered a similar failure, the production of the reaction appeared to suspend, only to get a very thin chemical nickel plating layer. After reviewing, the plant's electroless nickel plating tank solution A and B components are proportionally mixed, the required pH value should be 4.5 ~ 4.9. According to the actual preparation, the pH value is generally 4.8 after mixing proportionally (tested by using precision pH test paper 3.8~5.5).

According to the preparation amount of 5L tank solution, the pH value of component A (300mL A) is 5.8(using precision pH test paper 5.4~7.0), and the pH value of component B (1000 mL B) is 4.8. The pH of the original solution was measured to be 5.4 for component A and 4.6 for component B. In the absence of a reaction, no pH<3 is produced. After some troubleshooting like this, the cause of abnormal plating solution pH can be ruled out.

Electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809

The abortive reaction of electroless nickel plating is essentially due to the poor stability of the plating solution, so the plating solution must contain a stabilizer that maintains its chemical equilibrium throughout the plating process.This involves the question of how to select a stabilizer when preparing a plating solution. It is important to know that stabilizers are also divided into many types, there are single stabilizers and composite stabilizers, and single stabilizers are also divided into sulfur-containing, nitrogen-containing, iodine-containing and other types. It is no doubt that you need to spend a lot of brain power in the preparation of the plating solution, but also test your own technical level, in the era of rapid development of the plating industry, it's inappropriate for electroplating factories to spend time to prepare their own electroless nickel plating solution.

Why? Because we recommend Bigely's electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809, which is a commercial concentrated solution obtained by a team of engineers after many tests, with a reasonable formula and tested in large-scale production, which can make the plating solution stable and will not have any faults such as aborted reaction and self-decomposition in production, and has a uniform thickness of the plating layer and good performance. In this way, it can help you save the time for research and development and invest more in creating production benefits.

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