Four reasons for poor coating dispersion of workpieces in the production of acid copper plating brightener

Four reasons for poor coating dispersion of workpieces in the production of acid copper plating brightener

Sat Dec 10 09:32:33 CST 2022

    In the production process of using acid copper plating brightener, sometimes the dispersion performance of workpiece coating is poor, and the thickness difference between high and low areas is large. What causes this?

    According to the field experience and the characteristics of the product acid copper plating brightener Cu-510, Bigolly Technology has made analysis, mainly for the following four reasons:

    1. If the concentration of copper sulfate in the bath is too high or too low, the conductivity of the bath will be poor, the coating will be rough, the anode will be easily passivated, and the dispersion of the coating will be poor.Therefore, in the production process, the concentration of each component of the plating solution should be analyzed in time and controlled within the process range.

    2. The temperature of the plating solution is relatively high.During the application of acid copper brightener Cu-510, the bath temperature should be controlled between 20 ℃ and 45 ℃.Although higher temperature can improve the conductivity of the plating solution, the crystallization of the coating is relatively rough and the dispersion performance is relatively poor.

    3. The leveller or brightener in the plating solution is insufficient.The leveller can improve the brightness and leveling effect of the low area of the coating. When the leveller is insufficient, the coating coverage effect is poor, and the phenomenon of bright fault will occur.The brightener is used to provide grain refinement, improve low area dispersion and wetting, and provide high and middle area brightness leveling effect. When the brightener is insufficient, the coating is poor in brightness leveling, roughness, and dispersion ability.

    4. The content of organic impurities in the plating solution is high.With the progress of production, the decomposition products of additives or grease are continuously accumulated in the plating solution.When the content of these organic impurities is high, the brittleness of the coating will be relatively large, the dispersion performance will be poor, and the brightness will become worse.

    Therefore, we should pay attention to the above four points in the process of using acid copper plating brightener to ensure that the plating solution has good dispersion performance, reduce the occurrence of failures and improve production efficiency.If you are interested in acid copper plating brightener, please contact the Bigolly customer service to obtain free samples and detailed technical information!

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