Five reasons why customers like alkaline galvanized additive BZ-515

Five reasons why customers like alkaline galvanized additive BZ-515

Fri May 31 15:24:51 CST 2024

Bigley's alkaline galvanized additive BZ-515 is an environmentally friendly cyanide-free additive, which has the advantages of good dispersion ability and depth ability, white coating, and good tolerance for impurities. The main reasons for the popularity of the alkaline galvanizing additive are as follows:

1, The use of imported raw materials, high purity, less impurities. BZ-515 is the result of the use of imported raw materials and cooperation with European and American laboratories. The difference between it and similar products on the market is high purity, less impurities, and less amount in the use process to reduce costs for customers.

2. Bright and fine coating. The galvanized layer obtained by BZ-515 is bright and fine, and the binding force is good, which can meet the appearance requirements of customers on the workpiece.

3, Wide operating range. The zinc ion content of BZ-515 can work in the range of 7-15g/L, and the stability of the bath is improved.

4、Simple wastewater treatment. BZ-515 does not contain cyanide, does not contain chelates, wastewater treatment is simple, reducing treatment costs for customers.

5, A strong technical service team. Bigely Technology has a strong technical service team, 24 hours a day to provide customers with attentive service, can be in a shorter period of time for the customer troubleshooting, greatly reducing downtime downtime economic losses.

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