Effects of excessive current density in barrel plating production with acid zinc plating additives

Effects of excessive current density in barrel plating production with acid zinc plating additives

Tue Aug 16 14:37:03 CST 2022

    When using acid zinc plating additives for barrel plating production, it has the characteristics of bright coating, high current efficiency, simple bath components, and easy maintenance.But in production, the current density should not be too large, why?

     Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product acid zinc plating additives BZ-528, in the process of galvanizing, if the current density is too large, the faster the deposition rate of zinc is, the easier it is for the organic matter of the plating solution to be mixed into the galvanized layer.The corrosion resistance of the galvanized layer decreases, and the brittleness of the coating increases, and the quality of the workpiece coating often fails to meet the customer's requirements.

    So how should the current be controlled during production?To use different currents for different products, in addition to adjusting the loading of the drum, the surface area of the workpiece should be calculated.The total area is calculated based on the loading and surface area of the workpiece, and the current for electroplating is determined.

    In the production process of barrel plating, some people like to control the current regulator to a fixed value, but it is not very good.For example, in the production of M5 and M20 screws, the surface area of M5 screws is about 4 times larger than that of M20 screws.The loading capacity of the drum is between 1/3-2/3 of the drum volume, and the loading capacity of M20 screws will be twice as high as that of M5 screws.

    Therefore, in our barrel plating production process using acid zinc plating additives, current control is very important.Good flow density control can effectively reduce the consumption of acid zinc plating additives and effectively reduce costs.If you are interested in acid zinc plating additives, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information! 

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