During the plating production, how does workpiece degreasing affects the coating quality?

During the plating production, how does workpiece degreasing affects the coating quality?

Thu Apr 11 08:21:30 CST 2024

Electroplating is a physicochemical process that uses electrolysis to form a uniform, dense, and good adhesion coating on a metal, alloy, or other conductive material. In the plating process, the cleanliness of the workpiece surface is directly related to the quality of the coating. In particular, the degreasing process of electroplating is one of the key steps to ensure the quality of electroplating.

When electroplating, if the workpiece degreasing is not thorough, it will have the following adverse effects on the quality of the coating:

1. Decreased adhesion: Oil will form an isolation layer on the surface of the workpiece, resulting in the plated metal not being able to form a metal bond directly with the surface of the workpiece, thus significantly reducing the adhesion between the plated layer and the workpiece. This will make the plating layer easy to peel off, seriously affecting its service life and aesthetics.

2. Causing holes in the plating layer: grease, wax and other organic matter will form bubbles in the plating solution and adhere to the surface of the workpiece, resulting in localized inability to plating, the formation of pinholes, air holes and other defects. These holes will not only reduce the appearance quality of the plating layer, but also weaken its protective and mechanical properties.

3. Rough and uneven surface: Incomplete degreasing of plating can cause localized over-thickness or unevenness of the plated layer, resulting in a rough plated surface that affects the appearance and smoothness of the product. In some applications where high precision is required, this may result in the product not being able to meet the standard of use.

4. Uneven color of plated layer: Oil residue will lead to uneven current distribution, making the color of the plated layer change, unable to maintain uniformity, affecting the appearance and quality of the product.

To summarize, the thoroughness of workpiece degreasing directly affects the quality of electroplating coatings. For this reason, electroplating production should pay attention to and use Bigely electroplating degreasing powder, chemical degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning and other methods to completely remove the oil on the surface of the workpiece. At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the process control, regular inspection and maintenance of cleaning equipment to ensure that the effect of oil removal, so as to ensure the quality of electroplating products plating layer to meet the requirements of different applications.

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