Does the USB plug-in need a lot of current when plated with matte tin? Try this matte tin additive

Does the USB plug-in need a lot of current when plated with matte tin? Try this matte tin additive

Thu Aug 25 10:22:53 CST 2022

    Mr. Hu is the owner of a tin-plating factory in Zhengzhou, Henan.His production line is mainly for the processing and production of USB plug-in matte tin plating process.During this time, Mr. Hu used a matte tin additive introduced by a friend, but the production requires a large current density (other process parameters are normal), and the coating of the workpiece is relatively rough, loose, and brittle.This seriously affects the performance requirements of this USB plug-in.

    One day, Mr. Hu saw Bigolly's matte tin additive Sn-808 while searching the Internet, so he inquired about the characteristics and current density parameters of this additive in detail.After understanding Mr. Hu's production process and production situation, Bigolly engineer recommended Mr. Hu to use this matte tin additive Sn-808.And explained that this additive can effectively improve the cathodic polarization in the production process and make the coating denser, so that the tinned layer of the workpiece can obtain better toughness, weldability and corrosion resistance;And this additive Sn-808 does not need a high current density, it only needs to be controlled within the range of 1~4A/dm2, because the current density is too large, the tin plating layer will be loose and rough.

   Mr. Hu thought he could try it, so he first purchased a matte tin additive Sn-808.Ten days later, Mr. Hu placed an order again and said that the conductivity of the plating solution was much better after using this matte tin additive.Now the workpiece does not need high current when tinning, and the coating can easily obtain good solderability, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance test, which is very suitable for the performance requirements of this electronic plug-in.Now, Mr. Hu is already an old customer of Bigolly's long-term cooperation.

    Therefore, when our workpieces need a large current density in matte tin plating, try Bigolly's matte tin additive Sn-808.If you are also looking for such matte tin additives, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!