Do you know the composition and function of the plating solution when using acid copper brightener?

Do you know the composition and function of the plating solution when using acid copper brightener?

Fri Sep 02 09:30:34 CST 2022

    In the copper plating process using acid copper brightener, because the composition of the plating solution is relatively simple and the plating solution is stable, no harmful gas is generated during the production process, and full-bright copper plating with good leveling performance can be obtained.What are the components of the acid copper plating solution?

    Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product acid copper brightener Cu-510,the components of the plating solution mainly include the following six:

    1. Copper sulfate: Copper sulfate is the source of copper ions in the plating solution.When the copper content in the bath is too low, it is easy to cause scorching in the high potential area;When the copper content is too high, copper sulfate may crystallize out, resulting in anodic polarization.

    2. Sulfuric acid: Sulfuric acid can improve the conductivity of the plating solution.When the sulfuric acid content in the plating solution is insufficient, the voltage of the plating tank increases, and the plating layer is easy to scorch;When there is too much sulfuric acid, the anode may be passivated.

    3. Chloride ion: As a catalyst, chloride ion can help the additive to form a smooth, bright and tight coatinIf the chloride ion content is too low, the coating is prone to concave and convex dendritic stripes in the high and medium potential regions, and foggy deposition in the low potential region;When the chloride ion content is too high, the brightness and leveling of the coating are poor, the coating has sharp burrs, and copper chloride will be formed on the surface of the anode, forming a gray-white film, resulting in passivation of the anode.

    4. Acid copper cylinder opener Cu-510Mu: Provides grain refinement, low-level dispersion and wetting.When the cylinder opener is insufficient, dendritic streaks appear in the high and medium current areas of the coating;And when there is too much cylinder opening agent, foggy deposition will occur in the low current area, and the light output speed will be slow.

    5. Acid copper filling and leveling agent Cu-510A: Provide low-level brightness and leveling and wide temperature effects.When the content of Cu-510A is too low, the deposition rate is slow, the brightness is poor, the plating ability and filling in the low area are poor;However, when Cu-510A is excessive, the deposition rate of the high and medium potential of the plated part is very fast, and even burnt copper particles and stripes appear on the edge of the high potential, and the plating ability of the low area is poor, and it is not filled.

    6. Acid copper brightener Cu-510B: Provides grain refinement, low-level dispersion and wetting, as well as high and mid-level brightness and leveling.When the Cu-510B content is insufficient, the coating will have poor leveling at high potential, poor brightness, burnt or streaks, and white fog will appear at low potential;However, when the Cu-510B is excessive, the plated parts have slow light output speed, poor brightness, and blue fog, which will cause serious fogging and dullness in the low current area.

    In this way, in the production process of using acid copper brightener, we have a certain understanding of the composition and function of each component in the plating solution, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of failures.If you are interested in acid copper brightener, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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