Do you dare to purchase low priced alkaline zinc brighteners when acting as agents?

Do you dare to purchase low priced alkaline zinc brighteners when acting as agents?

Wed Sep 06 11:01:54 CST 2023

Many agents and distributors always understand the prices of alkaline zinc brighteners from different manufacturers when representing them, compare their products with others, and choose the ones with lower prices and higher profits. However, if we only consider the low price without considering the quality, how can we keep our business going for a long time?

The main reasons for the varying prices of alkaline zinc brighteners are:

1. Is the process mature. Although some alkaline zinc brighteners are cheap, the process is relatively backward, and the technical formula ratio of each component is unreasonable. This leads to unstable plating solution, high production failure rate, difficult maintenance of the plating solution, and high management costs due to imbalanced consumption of various additives in the production process. Therefore, we need to choose alkali zinc brighteners with mature processes, stable performance, and balanced consumption, which is also the reason for the price difference.

2. Whether to use high-purity raw materials. Some zinc plating brighteners on the market are produced using inferior and low purity raw materials, which can lead to unstable performance of the plating solution during the production process, high production failure rate, long downtime, and high production costs. Therefore, we should try to choose products from large brands, such as alkaline zinc brighteners with high purity and few impurities, to reduce the failure rate during the production process and effectively reduce maintenance costs.

3. Is the concentration sufficient. Some suppliers are not manufacturers, and in order to seek profits, they will use water or doping to reduce the concentration of the product, resulting in a large amount of brightener used in the production process and high production costs. Therefore, we should choose our own manufacturer to ensure a high concentration and low dosage of alkaline zinc brightener, thereby effectively saving production costs.

This is the reason why the prices of our alkaline zinc plating additives vary when we act as agents. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for", Bigley always insists on using high-purity raw product formulations to ensure that the produced alkaline zinc brighteners have high purity and concentration, effectively helping customers save production costs. If you are interested in such alkaline zinc brighteners, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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