Discussion on the role of sulfamate nickel additive in electroplating process

Discussion on the role of sulfamate nickel additive in electroplating process

Wed Apr 03 08:15:35 CST 2024

Sulfamate nickel additive is a chemical used in nickel plating process. As an electroplating additive, nickel sulfamate plays a lot of positive roles in improving the quality of nickel plating layer. The following are some possible benefits of using nickel sulfamate additive in electroplating process:

1. Improve electroplating efficiency: sulfamate nickel can improve the plating rate of nickel and reduce the required plating time.

2. Improve the properties of the nickel layer: Bigely sulfamate nickel additive helps to produce a more uniform nickel plating layer, and may also improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the nickel plating layer.

3. Reduce stress on the nickel plating layer: sulfamate nickel helps to reduce internal stress, which is especially important when electroplating complex shaped objects, because it can avoid cracking or peeling of the nickel layer.

4. Control the pH of the solution: the addition of sulfamate nickel additives can help maintain the pH stability of the plating solution, which is essential to ensure the consistency of the plating quality.

When we use Bigely sulfamate nickel additive Ni-1000, we need to measure the content and follow the plating process conditions of the instructions, such as current density, temperature, pH value and stirring speed. These conditions will directly affect the quality of the coating. After adding Ni-1000 to the bath, the resulting coating has three characteristics: (1) semi-bright, (2) low stress, (3) good ductility. In this way, it can be applied to printed circuit boards, semiconductors and other electronic components production lines with certain requirements.

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