Choose this alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive to solve coating blistering problems

Choose this alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive to solve coating blistering problems

Thu Sep 08 09:51:58 CST 2022

    Mr. Lin from Yangzhou, Jiangsu is the owner of an auto parts processing factory.Recently, Mr. Lin always has the phenomenon of blistering in the coating of the workpiece after using the alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive.At first, Mr. Lin thought that the plating solution had impurities, so it was enough to use activated carbon to treat it.However, the workpiece will still foam after the plating solution is processed, which leads to customer complaints and returns.So Mr. Lin wanted to find an alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive that is not easy to foam.

    By chance, Mr. Lin saw Bigolly Technology's alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive BZ-617 while searching the Internet, and inquired in detail about the characteristics of this additive and whether the coating would bubble during the production process.The engineer said that this zinc-nickel alloy additive is produced with imported raw materials, which can ensure that the nickel content in the plating solution is stable within the range of 12-15%, so that the stability of the plating solution is good and the failure rate is low.

    However, due to the immature technical formula of some additives on the market, the nickel content in the plating solution fluctuates greatly during the production process. It is necessary to constantly analyze the nickel content, and the nickel content will exceed 16% accidentally.In this way, the hardness and internal stress of the zinc-nickel alloy coating will increase, and blistering and brittle cracking will easily occur.

    Mr. Lin understood at once, so he directly purchased 5 barrels of BZ-617 and asked the engineer to guide the production.A week later, Mr. Lin was able to compare the results.The phosphorus content of the workpiece coating is very stable, and the phosphorus content of the plating solution only needs to be analyzed twice a day, so that the plating solution does not need to use activated carbon to treat the plating solution, which can reduce the cost of the plating solution.In addition, the coating of the workpiece is relatively easy to passivate, the appearance color after passivation is very clear and bright, there is no phenomenon of blistering and brittle cracking, and the corrosion resistance of the workpiece is also much better.Now, Mr. Lin is an old customer of Bigolly's long-term cooperation.

    Therefore, the basic zinc-nickel alloy additive BZ-617 of Bigolly should be selected for the electroplating zinc-nickel alloy process of auto parts, which can effectively solve the problem of coating blistering.If you are also looking for such an alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive, you may contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!