Chemical nickel plating formulas are publicly available! You need to understand the role of accelerants before self-mixing potions

Chemical nickel plating formulas are publicly available! You need to understand the role of accelerants before self-mixing potions

Fri Dec 22 08:43:30 CST 2023

In the preparation of chemical nickel liquid, what effect of speeding additive has been the focus of many electroplating factories, this article we will discuss the effect of speeding additive on electroless nickel plating liquid.

Speeding additive

As the chemical nickel plating solution needs to add complexing agent and stabilizer, the presence of these two will reduce the rate of deposition, therefore, many plating masters will add a small amount of plating solution to improve the rate of deposition of substances, that is, we often refer to speeding additive.

Speeding additive usually consist of the following:

①Aminocarboxylic acids: e.g. α-aminopropionic acid, α-aminobutyric acid

② Carboxylic and hydroxycarboxylic acids: e.g., succinic acid, malic acid

③ Fluoride ions: for example, sodium fluoride should also have an accelerating effect

Do not overdose the speeding additive

A small amount of speeding additive increases the deposition rate; an excessive amount decreases the deposition rate due to complexation. These phenomena can be explained by the P-H bond breaking mechanism.

However, for fluoride ions, which have no complexing ability, due to their strong electronegativity, they can also act on the P-H bond, weaken the stability between hydrogen and phosphorus atoms in the hypophosphite molecule, and activate hypophosphite ions, and due to their non-complexity, the reaction rate will not be reduced even if there is an excessive amount of fluoride ions in the plating solution.

I believe you have found that the combination of chemical nickel plating solution itself is a technical activity, the combination of various additives, similar to the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine (a reasonable combination of various agents, in order to achieve the effect of 1+1 > 2), often requires the plating master to understand the mechanism of various additives and the interaction between different additives thoroughly, so, The electroless nickel plating liquid with good properties can be prepared.

If you lack experience in this area, you can use Bigely electroless nickel plating solution Ni-811, which is a high-phosphorus chemical nickel concentrate, without trouble to think about the combination, directly in proportion to the water can be used, and the coating is good in brightness and corrosion resistance.

If you are still troubled by the performance of electroless nickel plating solution, welcome to talk to us at any time!