Can acid salt activator be used instead of hydrochloric acid in the rust removal part of phosphate pretreatment for steel parts?

Can acid salt activator be used instead of hydrochloric acid in the rust removal part of phosphate pretreatment for steel parts?

Fri May 24 09:38:06 CST 2024

The rust removal process of the phosphating pre-treatment of steel parts is actually the same meaning as the pickling of the electroplating pre-treatment of steel parts, which is to remove the oxide and rust on the surface of the substrate, but also to activate the substrate surface. So can you replace hydrochloric acid with an acid activator in this process?

Let's start by figuring out what phosphating is. Steel plate and all kinds of parts in the phosphate solution containing zinc, manganese, nickel and other metals, give the appropriate temperature, so that the surface of the metal salt film, like this steel treatment process, is known as phosphating treatment, referred to as phosphating.

In the pre-treatment of steel phosphating, including degreasing and rust removal, rust removal is divided into mechanical rust and chemical rust removal. We are going to talk about chemical rust removal in this article. Most of the iron and steel parts are chemically removed before phosphating (except for pickle-free). In this process, many people are using hydrochloric acid for pickling treatment, hydrochloric acid on the surface of steel oxide, rust, blunt film, etc., have a strong ability to dissolve, and increase with the increase of concentration.

However, the use of hydrochloric acid production will produce an environmental problem, rust removal will produce a large number of hydrogen chloride gas, will harm the environment, and with ordinary hydrochloric acid activation, the production rate is high, the potion to often replace the cost of high, poor production environment, will also affect the health of workers.

The reason why these problems occur, the deep reason is that China is currently in the process of industrial structure adjustment, the manufacturing industry has undergone a severe test, and the competitive pressure of electroplating has increased. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, electroplating enterprises will protect the health of operators, optimize the working environment, reduce production costs and extend the service life of electroplating production lines as important tasks.

And now the purchase of hydrochloric acid needs approval, the procedures are troublesome. So many people began to consider the use of acid salt for rust removal, it is a dry powder of acid salt, also known as solid acid, dissolved in water to become an acidic solution.

Acid salts can be used for rust removal and activation of metal surfaces before electroplating. Of course, it can also be used for chemical rust removal before phosphating of iron parts. Bigely acid salt activator BC-629, it has good activation effect, rust removal, welding black film removal ability, suitable for zinc alloy, copper alloy, iron, cast iron, stainless steel activation.

Seeing this, you may ask, since the rust removal process of phosphating can use electroplating pickling products, then the degreasing process of phosphating can also use electroplating oil removal products? Yeah, it's the same thing. It can. We'll talk about that another time.

If you are struggling with environmental concerns, or are troubled by the difficulty of purchasing hydrochloric acid, consider using an acid activator as an alternative to pickling. Open the inquiry window now and we will provide free samples and detailed technical information.