Bigely zinc-nickel alloy black Passivator: What can it do for your plated products?

Bigely zinc-nickel alloy black Passivator: What can it do for your plated products?

Thu Jun 06 11:47:07 CST 2024

Zinc-nickel alloy plating has been put into production applications in the field of electroplating production due to its good corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and other advantages. In order to ensure the quality of the plated layer, the zinc-nickel alloy plated product usually needs to be passivated, of which black passivation is a very important method. Bigely zinc-nickel alloy black passivator plays a major role in electroplating production in the following ways:

1. Improve the corrosion resistance of the plated layer: Bigely zinc-nickel alloy black passivator can form a dense passivation film on the surface of the plated layer, which has good anti-corrosion properties. Through actual production, we have found that the salt spray resistance of zinc-nickel alloys treated with black passivate is significantly improved compared to untreated coatings. This property is particularly important for plated products used in harsh environments, as it extends the service life of the product and reduces the aging rate and maintenance costs.

2. Improvement of the decorative and aesthetic properties of the coating: Bigely zinc-nickel alloy black passivator has the effect of changing the appearance of the zinc-nickel alloy coating, which gives the coating a deep black color. In addition, the passivation film has a certain degree of smoothness, resulting in a glossy surface. This makes the zinc-nickel alloy black passivate treatment more decorative and aesthetic, which can meet the engineering and consumer demand for the appearance of plated products.

3. Improvement of plating resistance to abrasion: Bigely zinc-nickel alloy black passivator improves the resistance of the plating to abrasion. During the plating production process, the passivation film enhances the hardness of the plated layer, thereby increasing the resistance of the plated layer to abrasion. This increase makes the plating more durable, reduces the degree of wear during use and extends the life of the product.

In conclusion, Bigely zinc-nickel alloy black passivation solution in electroplating production has improved corrosion resistance, improved decorative and wear resistance and other aspects of the role of zinc-nickel alloy plating provides a more complete surface treatment, to ensure the quality of plated products and the use of performance.

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