Avoid shielding pendants from each other when using decorative chrome additives

Avoid shielding pendants from each other when using decorative chrome additives

Mon Dec 18 16:07:29 CST 2023

When we use decorative chrome additives, if we want to improve the uniformity of the plating, we need to avoid mutual shielding between pendants.

Fault phenomenon

A plating plant was responsible for decorative chrome plating of small parts. In a production of the same workpiece of the same fixture, the operators found that the chromium plating layer of some workpieces was blooming and foggy. For this reason, they repeatedly treated the plating solution and hangers, however, they could not solve the problem.

Troubleshooting and Analysis

There is no fixed pattern for analyzing where defective products are mounted and hung. What is a fixed pattern? It refers to a set of methodology of judgment summarized by electroplating engineers when dealing with electrochrome plating faults.

For example, if the faulty product is regularly appearing in the upper part of the hanging tool, then it means that the upper workpiece is too close to the liquid surface, so the lower power line at the place affects the quality. However, in this production failure, the cathode current density at all places inside the trough was meeting the process specified requirements.

Then, for example, when the temperature inside the tank is unstable, this type of failure can also occur in places on the workpiece where the temperature is low. And this type of failure has a characteristic that it will be the same part of the multiple pieces of substandard products appear.The characteristics of the fault are not the same as its performance, both several workpieces fail together in the same part, and adjacent workpieces are normal and a single workpiece has a fault.

Bigely's decorative chrome additive Cr-9

Troubleshooting Pre-Machining Processes

After the electroplating engineer followed the work, he found that the fault product was: the same hanging product and the shielding of adjacent pendants. This will cause the power line in the tank to not reach the shielded product.It was then decided to make improvements to the suspension status to avoid shielding, and the problem was solved.

How to improve the uniformity of chrome plating layer? This has actually been a concern for many plating factories and requires the selection of a good decorative chrome additive, Bigely's decorative chrome additive Cr-9, which has a good dispersing ability of the plating solution and a high impurity tolerance to improve the quality of the chrome plating layer.

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