Alkaline cyanide-free galvanizing brightener

Alkaline cyanide-free galvanizing brightener

Sat Jun 01 10:03:28 CST 2024

Bigely BZ-513 alkaline cyanide-free galvanizing brightener is a environmentally friendly galvanizing process.

As the name suggests, cyanide-free, that is, the plating solution does not contain highly toxic substances - cyanide.

Although the use of cyanide can improve the dispersion ability and covering ability of the electrolyte, make the coating smooth and firm.

However, cyanide ion is a highly toxic substance. 50 mg of HCN is enough to kill a person; The discharge of cyanide-containing wastewater and waste will also pollute the environment, resulting in reduced agricultural production, livestock death...

Bigely alkaline cyanide-free galvanized additive adopts the new formula developed by itself, which is not only green and environmental protection, but also achieves the international leading level of comprehensive performance, which solves the brittleness problem caused by high brightness of the coating. The brightness of the coating is comparable to that of acid galvanizing while ensuring that the coating is not brittle. Moreover, the dispersion ability and deep plating ability of the plating solution are excellent, which is suitable for the workpiece with high travel requirements; The process is highly stable and the production efficiency is high.

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