After the workpiece is plated with nickel, the coating is easy to crack,try this nickel plating additive

After the workpiece is plated with nickel, the coating is easy to crack,try this nickel plating additive

Fri Dec 02 08:59:04 CST 2022

    Mr. Qin is the boss of a nickel plating factory for household appliances in Xi'an, Shaanxi.Recently, When using nickel plating additive, Mr. Qin found that the thickness of nickel plating layer of the plated workpiece was 5μm. When riveting, the nickel layer will crack, which seriously affects the performance of the workpiece.However, Mr. Qin checked the production processes, concentration of plating solution components and operating parameters, which were normal.What is the problem?

    One day, Mr. Qin saw Bigolly's nickel plating additive Ni-301 when searching the Internet. After knowing the characteristics of this additive in detail, Mr. Qin was very concerned about whether the coating would crack after using the additive.After understanding the production situation of Mr. Qin, the engineer found that the use of this nickel plating additive by Mr. Qin may be out of proportion.So the engineer explained to Mr. Qin that in the process of using electroplating nickel additives, if we use them improperly or use them in an unreasonable combination, the consumption of some additive components in the plating solution will lose balance.In this way, with the production, the stress of the workpiece coating will increase, and the coating will crack when the workpiece is riveted or bent.

    The nickel plating additive Ni-301 of Bigolly is produced from raw materials of BASF and Dow Chemical of the United States. It has high purity, less organic decomposition products in the production process, high plating solution stability, strong coating coverage and good adhesion.As long as this additive is used normally, the coating will not crack.Mr. Qin decided to buy two barrels to try.

    Under the guidance of the engineer, after Mr. Qin used this additive, the nickel plated workpieces were riveted and pressed without cracking;Moreover, the stability of the plating solution is better, and the dispersion ability and coverage ability of the coating are better than before, which is more suitable for the nickel plating requirements of these workpieces.So Mr. Qin signed a cooperation agreement with Bigolly.

    Therefore, if our nickel plated workpieces are easy to crack during riveting or bending, we might as well try this nickel plating additive Ni-301.If you are interested in this nickel plating additive, please contact the Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!