After the workpiece is plated with alkali zinc, the coating is easy to burst,so try this alkaline galvanized brightener

After the workpiece is plated with alkali zinc, the coating is easy to burst,so try this alkaline galvanized brightener

Tue Oct 11 11:21:05 CST 2022

    Mr. Zhang from Ningbo, Zhejiang is the director of a galvanizing factory.Mr. Zhang used an alkaline galvanizing brightener. At the beginning, the coating of the workpiece was normal, but after half a month of use, the coating of the workpiece appeared zinc explosion.The operating parameters of the plating solution are all within the normal range, and the workpiece will still appear zinc explosion after adjusting the brightener and the plating solution.Due to the serious impact on normal production, Mr. Zhang was not easy to explain to the boss, so he wanted to quickly replace an alkaline galvanizing brightener with good performance.

    Mr. Zhang found Bigolly Technology's Alkaline Galvanizing Brightener BZ-515 through Internet search, learned about the characteristics of this brightener in detail, and asked the engineer whether the workpiece will explode after using the brightener.

    After understanding Mr. Zhang's technological process and the use of brighteners in detail, the engineer explained,Some brighteners on the market may continue to polymerize during long-term storage or use due to incomplete reaction during synthesis. Such brighteners are likely to distort the lattice of the coating and generate stress, resulting in zinc explosion of the coating.In addition, some suppliers will use industrial-grade raw materials to synthesize brighteners. Such brighteners will bring impurities into the plating solution, and the workpiece solution will explode zinc after long-term use.

    Bigolly's alkaline galvanizing brightener BZ-515 is a new product developed under the guidance of the academician team for 2 years. It is formulated with environmentally friendly raw materials imported from BASF from Germany and Dow Chemical from the United States.In the production process, it has a good tolerance for organic impurities and metal impurities in the plating solution, the plating layer is dense and uniform, and the bonding force is good.After thinking about it, Mr. Zhang decided to try this alkaline galvanizing brightener BZ-515.

    Under the guidance of the engineer, Mr. Zhang opened a small slot for continuous production testing.He found that after using this alkaline galvanizing brightener BZ-515, the workpiece that would have exploded zinc now has a uniform and bright appearance, the coating is soft, and there is no phenomenon of zinc explosion.In addition, the stability of the plating solution is good, and the tolerance of impurities is high, which greatly reduces the frequency of shutdown and large-scale treatment, and the production is more labor-saving and labor-saving, and the production cost is also reduced.Now Mr. Zhang is an old customer of Bigolly.

    Therefore, when the alkaline zinc coating of the workpiece is easy to explode in the production process, we may try this alkaline zinc galvanizing brightener BZ-515.If you are also looking for such an alkaline galvanizing brightener with good binding force, you may contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!