After adding brightener to potassium chloride galvanizing, what happened to the coating is not bright?

After adding brightener to potassium chloride galvanizing, what happened to the coating is not bright?

Sat May 11 08:13:55 CST 2024

The interaction of the different components in the potassium chloride galvanizing system is complex. The fact that the plating is not bright instead of bright after the addition of a potassium chloride galvanizing brightener may be due to a number of factors, and here are some possible explanations:

1. Problems with the type and ratio of the brightener: The brightener selected may not be suitable for the plating system of potassium chloride zinc plating, or the chemical composition of the brightener itself may adversely affect other chemicals in the plating solution, resulting in a counterproductive effect.

2. Brightener dosage: Too much potassium chloride zinc plating brightener may cause excessive organic matter to be produced in the coating, affecting the luster of the coating. Conversely, too little brightening dose may not be sufficient to produce results.

3. Plating solution contamination: The plating solution may be contaminated, such as organic matter contamination, heavy metal ion contamination, etc., and these contaminants may react with the potassium chloride galvanizing brightener, affecting the normal function of the brightener and resulting in a non-bright plating layer.

4. Decomposition of the brightener: The electro-chemical or chemical reaction in the plating solution leads to the decomposition of the brightener, which loses its effectiveness, thus making the plating layer not bright.

The key to solving these problems is to adjust the type and concentration of the potassium chloride zinc plating brightener through experimentation, to optimize the pretreatment process, to control the composition and purity of the bath, and to control the plating process parameters. It may be necessary to analyze the composition of the plating solution in detail, test different brighteners and their conditions of use until the best combination that produces good plating results is found. In practice, it is also valuable to communicate with the brightener supplier Bigely for technical support and advice.

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