4 reasons for delamination of nickel plating on workpieces during production using nickel plating additives

4 reasons for delamination of nickel plating on workpieces during production using nickel plating additives

Tue Aug 16 17:59:56 CST 2022

    In the process of using nickel plating additives, the sections of some workpieces are layered and discontinuous.Some of these delaminations are between the nickel plating layer and the substrate, and some are between the nickel layer and the nickel layer. How are these delaminations formed?

    Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's nickel plating additives Ni-301,there are four main points:

    1. Poor pre-plating treatment.The pretreatment of the workpiece before entering the nickel tank is not clean, and there is still dust or oxide film on the surface of the workpiece, so that the newly deposited nickel layer cannot have a good bonding force with the substrate, resulting in delamination.Therefore, the workpiece should be cleaned of oxide film or other dirt on the surface before entering the nickel tank.

    2. The current fluctuates greatly.During the electroplating process, due to the rapid increase or decrease of the current, the internal stress of the nickel-plated layer is different under different current intensities, and the corresponding precipitated nickel layer will be delaminated.Therefore, the variation of the current in the production process should not be too large.

    3. If the power is cut off during the electroplating process, the nickel plating is continued after the power is turned on, or the conductivity of the hanger is not good, and the continuous power cut during the electroplating process will also cause the delamination between the nickel layers.

    4. The impurity content in the plating solution is high.In the process of nickel plating, the contamination of the cathode surface will easily cause local explosion of the workpiece, which will delaminate the nickel plating layer.In addition, when the content of organic impurities in the plating solution is high, or the content of metal impurities (zinc, iron, etc.) is high, or the hydrogen evolution is serious, the internal stress of the obtained deposit is large, so that the coating is prone to bursting and curling.

    Delamination of the nickel coating will greatly reduce the performance quality of the coating.Therefore, we should pay attention to the above 4 points in the production process of using nickel plating additives to reduce the loss caused by failure.If you are interested in nickel plating additives,please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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