Chemical bottom layer nickel

PL-7 chemical plating of nickel additive can be activated on a good plastic surface, depositing a layer of a smooth, continuous, good adhesion of the nickel layer, deposition speed not only nickel, but also to be able to establish contact with the contact for the plating around point.

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Product Description

Chemical bottom layer nickel

Electroless nickel plating additive for PL-7 plastic electroplating

1. Description

PL-7 chemical plating of nickel additive can be activated on a good plastic surface, depositing a layer of a smooth, continuous, good adhesion of the nickel layer, deposition speed not only nickel, but also to be able to establish contact with the contact for the plating around point. PL-7 has good process stability, simple operation and maintenance . Suitable for plastic and various metal substrates, such as aluminum, steel, copper and their alloys.

2. Features and uses

1. This process can deposit a smooth and uniform thin nickel layer with good adhesion on the surface of the activated plastic;

2. Low-temperature type chemical nickel, which can be plated quickly without missing plating, and can be used for a long time without changing the tank;

3. Good stability, long service life and low cost;

3. Solution composition and operating conditions






100ml/ L





Metallic nickel content



P H value                           

8. 5

8.0- 9.0


30 ℃

25-38 ℃





The workpiece moves without air stirring


Water bath heating


Polyvinyl chloride, PP, high density polyethylene


PP, PVDF filter ; 15 μm PP filter element



4. Solution preparation

1. Before the new tank is equipped, soak it with 10% volume ratio ammonia water for 24 hours, and keep the temperature at 49 degrees, and then use pure water to clean it thoroughly.

2. Pour about 2/3 of the required volume of distilled water (deionized water) into the plating tank ;

2. was added with stirring PL. 7A- , stirred uniformly, added PL-7B , stirring was continued uniformly;

3. Adjust the pH to 8.5 with analytical pure ammonia water (about 20-25ml/L);

4. Dilute with pure water to the required volume;

5. Stir until completely dissolved evenly.

5. Tank liquid control and maintenance

1. the metallic nickel content measured by chemical analysis of complement: PL-7 C content is not analyzed, by adding 10ml of each of the PL-7 B while adding 10ml of PL-7 Example C supplement.

2. determined daily nickel content , with PL. 7- B / C also added, maintaining the solution process range.

3. the daily measured values and adjust the PH.

4. if a long shutdown, when the cut-nickel and PL-7 concentration B / C is maintained at the optimum value . 8 0%, and adding 10-20ml / L of PL-7 stabilizer. When activated, add PL-7 B and PL-7 C to the best value and adjust the PH value to 8.5.

5. solution purification: new solution is filtered with at least eight hours per day; month after continuous filtration for use.

6. the plating tank cleaning: shutdown time or when there is found to take gas, the solution must be removed weekly plating tank, the plating tank for cleaning as follows: 1) washing with water the plating tank; 2) with 1: 1 nitric acid plating tank wall The nickel layer on the surface is removed; 3) clean the plating tank with clean water; 4) clean with pure water; 5) filter the solution back to the tank.

7. when the surface of the bath was found a large number of bubbles emerge indicating that there is no bath stability, it is necessary to add PL-7 stabilizer 10-15ml / L improve the stability of the bath is adjusted.


6. Safety warning

For the sake of health and safety, Bigley recommends that manufacturers refer to Bigley's material safety data sheet before use .

7. Wastewater treatment

Before adopting the sewage treatment method provided by Bigley , the user must follow the pollution discharge law allowed by the local government. If there is any conflict with the company's proposal, the local law shall be the basis .



1. Q: Do you make the products yourself? Are you a trader or a manufacturer?

A: Yes, the products are produced by our company. Our company is a manufacturer focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of environmental protection electroplating additives. Our factory has 5000 square meters with an annual capacity of 15000 tons.

2. Q: Can your company send samples for trial?

A: We can provide samples for trial.

3. Q: What is the quality of your products?

A: Our company all products core raw materials is used by Germany BASF, American Dow Chemical and other international brand products. The production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, from the incoming inspection, product inspection, according to the strict inspection standard, ensure that every drop of products qualified. Product quality you can rest assured, like BYD, Huawei, Foxconn such enterprises are also using our products.

4. Q: How long is the shelf life of your products?

A: The shelf life of our products is two years. If you do not use up the products within a short time after you buy them, we suggest you store them in a cool place, not in the sun or in a high temperature environment.

5. Q: Are your products environmentally safe?

A: Our products have passed the SGS test and are recognized as "Green and Environment-friendly Promotion Products". Many auto parts and electronic products which use our products can pass the strict environmental protection test when they are exported to Europe and America. Therefore, we can be trusted in terms of environmental protection and safety.

6. Q: Can your company provide technical services?

A: Yes, our company has a technical service team of more than 10 people. The technical engineers all have more than 20 years' experience in electroplating factory. They can provide customers with comprehensive technical of pre-sales and after sales.

7. Q: Is it possible to visit your company?

A: Yes, of course. You are very welcome! We can meet you at Jieyang airport, If you can come to our city. Also you can visit our factory through live video.

8. Q: Can you customize products according to our needs?

A: Yes, our company has research and development strength, the product formula derived from Europe and the United States laboratory, European and American engineers technical support, work together with domestic universities. Our company has a member of Guangdong province expert enterprise workstation, Shantou university science and technology correspondent workstation, Jieyang city environmental protection engineering research center for electroplating additive.Therefore, it can meet all kinds of customized requirements proposed by customers.

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