Zinc precipitation agent

BC-22 is a superior zinc alloy replacement process that provides high quality zinc replacement coatings on a variety of aluminum alloy materials, including computer memory disks.

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Product Description

Zinc precipitation agent

BC - 22 water sink zinc

Product Number: No.11024


Cyanide Free Liquid Zincate

Product Number: No.16811



BC-22 is a superior zinc alloy replacement process that provides high quality zinc replacement coatings on a variety of aluminum alloy materials, including computer memory disks.

BC-22 can also be used for casting. Unlike traditional zinc replacement processes, BC-22 provides a uniform, thin and dense zinc replacement layer with minimal corrosion on the aluminum surface. The characteristics of this coating can ensure the maximum adhesion of the subsequent metal coating. Including electroless nickel, electroplated nickel and copper backing.

The BC-22 offers some important operating benefits because it is a concentrated form and is easy to build and maintain. The bath solution is diluted zinc solution, easy to wash, so that zinc solution into the subsequent plating tank at least. The tank liquid is easy to control and the operating parameters are wide.


Features & Advantages:

Can be used in a variety of aluminum alloy, including computer memory disk and die casting.

 zinc plating on aluminum with minimum bit eclipse, providing the best adhesion and no pinhole of the characteristics of the nickel plating.

 concentrate type bath and maintenance easily.

 bath long life, lower operating costs.



The mild steel is used in the tank and related equipment. In order to prevent the galvanic reaction, the tank is made of rubber lining plate or gasket or electric insulation between the workpiece and the tank.


Operating conditions:

Optimum concentration range

BC-22 hang plating 20-30% volumetric ratio 25%

BC-22 roll plated 50-60% volumetric ratio 50%

The temperature

16-46 ℃

24 ℃


15 seconds -- 1 minute


Solution control & maintenance:

If the concentration of BC-22 is too low, it will bite more aluminum. If the concentration is too high, it will be difficult to wash water, and at the same time, it will inhibit the bite of aluminum. The simplest control, as long as the observation of zinc coating uniformity. Typically 1 gallon of BC-22 tank can treat approximately 200 to 350 square feet of aluminum surface area. When there is significant bubble formation on the aluminum surface, 10% of the BC-22 at the time of the bath construction should be added.

The tank fluid can be controlled by chemical analysis. Here is one way to look at it. The zinc content was maintained according to the concentration of the new preparation solution and the addition of BC-22 (controlled by specific gravity).

Concentration %









Analysis procedure:

The required reagents

0.0575 M EDTA disodium salt


1g acid medium black T indicator with 100g NaCl

Buffer solution -- 125 g of analytical pure ammonium chloride dissolved in 1 liter of analytical pure concentrated ammonia



Pour 1.5ml bath liquid into 250ml conical flask.

2. Add 40 ml 50% triethanolamine.

3. Add 10 ml of buffer solution.

4. Dilute with pure or deionized water to 100ml.

5. Add 0.25-0.5g acid medium black T indicator.

6. Drop with 0.0575M EDTA standard liquid until the color changes from reddish purple to blue.



Ml EDTA × 1.33 = % BC-22 volume


Safety & Warning:

Bigeleine recommends that operators carefully read Bigeleine's safety information sheet before using it. BC-22 is a corrosive liquid that can cause serious burns.


Wastewater treatment:

Customers must understand local government regulations before treating their waste water in accordance with Bigley's wastewater treatment recommendations. If we build

If there is any conflict between the proposal and the regulations, the local government regulations shall prevail.

The solution is alkaline, and the waste solution needs to be diluted with water before discharge, and then the dilute acid is neutralized to a pH of 8-9. Be careful, add acid slowly, and stir. The clean liquid is pumped to the chemical wastewater treatment system and the remaining sludge is collected and approved for safe landfill treatment.


Ordering Information:


Product number




25kg/ barrel



1. Q: Do you make the products yourself? Are you a trader or a manufacturer?

A: Yes, the products are produced by our company. Our company is a manufacturer focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of environmental protection electroplating additives. Our factory has 5000 square meters with an annual capacity of 15000 tons.

2. Q: Can your company send samples for trial?

A: We can provide samples for trial.

3. Q: What is the quality of your products?

A: Our company all products core raw materials is used by Germany BASF, American Dow Chemical and other international brand products. The production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, from the incoming inspection, product inspection, according to the strict inspection standard, ensure that every drop of products qualified. Product quality you can rest assured, like BYD, Huawei, Foxconn such enterprises are also using our products.

4. Q: How long is the shelf life of your products?

A: The shelf life of our products is two years. If you do not use up the products within a short time after you buy them, we suggest you store them in a cool place, not in the sun or in a high temperature environment.

5. Q: Are your products environmentally safe?

A: Our products have passed the SGS test and are recognized as "Green and Environment-friendly Promotion Products". Many auto parts and electronic products which use our products can pass the strict environmental protection test when they are exported to Europe and America. Therefore, we can be trusted in terms of environmental protection and safety.

6. Q: Can your company provide technical services?

A: Yes, our company has a technical service team of more than 10 people. The technical engineers all have more than 20 years' experience in electroplating factory. They can provide customers with comprehensive technical of pre-sales and after sales.

7. Q: Is it possible to visit your company?

A: Yes, of course. You are very welcome! We can meet you at Jieyang airport, If you can come to our city. Also you can visit our factory through live video.

8. Q: Can you customize products according to our needs?

A: Yes, our company has research and development strength, the product formula derived from Europe and the United States laboratory, European and American engineers technical support, work together with domestic universities. Our company has a member of Guangdong province expert enterprise workstation, Shantou university science and technology correspondent workstation, Jieyang city environmental protection engineering research center for electroplating additive.Therefore, it can meet all kinds of customized requirements proposed by customers.

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