When using acid tin plating brightener for production, attention should be paid to the influence of chloride ion on the bath

When using acid tin plating brightener for production, attention should be paid to the influence of chloride ion on the bath

Mon Jan 09 10:21:33 CST 2023

    Mr. Jiang of Dongguan has opened a new acid tin plating production line, which is intended to process various copper bars and electronic components.After Mr. Jiang used the acid tin plating brightener for more than a month, the gray dark light brightness of the workpiece tin plating layer was poor, and pinholes also appeared, which seriously affected the production progress.So Mr. Jiang hurriedly asked Bigolly's engineers to help solve this problem.

    After the engineer rushed to the site, according to the on-site experience and the characteristics of the acid tin plating brightener Sn-807, he checked the production of the production line and analyzed the plating solution, and found that the concentration of each component of the plating solution was normal, but the content of chloride ion was a little high.So the engineer asked the operator of the production line whether he used tap water.It turned out that because the pure water machine of the production line was broken, the operator changed the water in the water washing tank into tap water, so that chlorine ions would be brought into the plating tank after the workpiece was washed.

    Chlorine ion is a toxic component to acid tin plating solution. It will affect the brightness of the coating, make the coating gray, make the coating produce pinholes, and affect the porosity and welding performance of the coating.Generally, the chloride ion in the plating solution shall be controlled within 15mg/L.

    With the assistance of the engineer, Mr. Jiang replaced the tap water of the water washing tank with pure water, and electrolyzed the acid tin plating solution with high current density to reduce the content of chloride ions.After that, the content of each component in the bath was supplemented and the concentration of acid tin plating brightener was adjusted, and the production returned to normal.

    Therefore, in the process of using acid tin plating brightener, we should pay attention to the use of pure water for both bath water and pre plating cleaning water to avoid the impact of chloride ions on the bath and reduce the occurrence of failures.If you are interested in acid tin plating brightener, you can contact the Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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