Alkaline galvanizing brightener will not be used, and good products can also be plated

Alkaline galvanizing brightener will not be used, and good products can also be plated

Tue Aug 09 14:41:06 CST 2022

    If we don't use alkaline zincate galvanizing brightener, can we get a good product? Of course, Mr. Li in the Northeast is such an example.

    Li always makes hardware accessories, and his products were originally electroplated for his customers.However, because the customer's galvanizing factory was shoddy, the products produced could not meet Mr. Li's high requirements for products.

    So Mr. Li wanted to open an electroplating production line and process it himself. By chance, Mr. Li found Bigolly through a friend's introduction and cooperated.

    Through the step-by-step careful guidance of Bigolly's engineers, Mr. Li's galvanizing of hardware accessories has also gradually entered the right track.By understanding the control of zinc-alkali ratio in the plating solution, the correct addition of alkaline galvanizing brightener, and the control of passivation solution concentration, pH, and temperature after galvanizing, Mr. Li quickly mastered these knowledge points.


    Finally, the hardware accessories produced by Mr. Li can meet the customer's requirements in terms of appearance and performance.Looking at the production of satisfactory workpieces, Mr. Li praised the quality and service of Bigolly's alkaline galvanizing brightener.

    Therefore, we will not use alkaline galvanizing brighteners to produce good products.Through professional technical support and services, Bigolly Technology can effectively help customers say goodbye to electroplating problems and create value.If you are interested in alkaline galvanizing brighteners, please contact Bigley customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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